Minerals: Our Source of Life

Minerals are perhaps the most important groups of nutrients human beings require. Unlike some vitamins, for example, minerals cannot be made inside the body and must come from our diet, supplements or drinking water. Minerals regulate most bodily functions by participating in all chemical compounds in our bodies. They also form the structure of the body.

Here are some facts about minerals:

1. Every mineral has an effect on every other mineral. It is impossible to change the level of one mineral in the body without simultaneously changing the levels of all other minerals in the body.
2. There is a complex mineral system in every human body. All minerals are maintained in specific balances with each other in our bodies.
3. Major minerals must be maintained in a specific balance in our bodies or disease will result. For example, we are rarely facing just a zinc deficiency, or only copper toxicity, since all the minerals must be maintained in their proper balance for optimum health.
4.Most of humanity is mineral deficient today. One of the tasks of the Nutritional Balancing program I teach  is to remineralize the body. This usually takes several years, though symptomatic change may occur much sooner. Medical doctors know it can take 9-12 months to replenish just one mineral such as iron, so imagine how long it takes to replenish a dozen or more trace elements!
5. The bioavailability of a mineral is critical. Minerals must be in a particular form or in specific combinations in order for the body to utilize them. Otherwise, even if a certain mineral is present in abundance, the body cannot use it.
6.Measuring minerals in the body is not a simple task. Each mineral is present in every tissue and organ in different amounts. A blood test does not show much about what is going on in the cells or tissues of the body, just as a liver biopsy cannot explain what is going on in the brain. So it is the soft tissue in the body that needs to be biopsied in order to see what the mineral rations are in the body, since blood tests or other tests do not show this information.
7. The best non-invasive way to assess the mineral ratios in the human body is with a soft tissue biopsy from the hair. Biopsies are cellular tests. Taking a soft tissue biopsy from the nape of the neck, where the hair grows closest to the scalp, is an excellent way to obtain a biopsy sample that can be properly analyzed by mass spectroscopy in a medical laboratory.
8. If you ever hear a doctor say that mineral analysis by mass spectroscopy is not helpful for testing the body, this is laughable! Minerals are the basis for life and for all physical creations on the earth. The only way to achieve DEEP healing is to balance the minerals in our cells. Our mitochondria are the spark plugs of our cells, they run our cells. Our mitochondria live on minerals. Without healthy mitochondria, the cells decline into disease and die.
9. A program like Nutritional Balancing that works to balance the mineral ratios in the body may be one of the most important sciences on planet Earth if humanity is to survive. Please read about the Nutritional Balancing program at my website: http://www.vhHealth.com  and contact me if you have any questions about the process. It is a serious program for those who are serious about their health. If you are not ready to start such an endeavor, I will be happy to help you with health coaching or at the very least, making a list of daily supplements that can support you through your life at a basic level. None of us can stay healthy without supplements anymore, sadly, since the mineral level in our food is the lowest it has been in human history. Even our best organic food lacks the micro and macro mineral levels it had decades ago, in the years long before Monsanto’s deadly fertilizers and pesticides, GMOs, pollution and the loss of the Earth’s precious top soil needed by all crops to grow. Minerals must now be obtained through careful supplementation, along with properly -chelated bioavailable vitamins from non-GMO sources.
Thank you to Lawrence Wilson, M.D., for most of the above content, which is written in his fascinating 700-page textbook: Nutritional Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis: A New Science of Energy. He is an M.D.  and researcher who currently heads the Nutritional Balancing program.


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