Why Pilates?

• Long lean muscles
• Positive postural changes
• Back pain reduction
• Increased flexibility, range of motion
• Defined shoulders, slimmer waistline, thinner thighs

• Sharpened mental focus

• Improved circulation

• Better coordination and balance
•Rehabilitation for injuries
• Alignment correction that allows muscles and joints to function more efficiently
• A mind/body  approach to fitness and wellness
Born in Germany in 1880, Joseph Pilates was a sickly child suffering from rheumatic fever, asthma and rickets. As he grew up he was inspired to create a regimen to strengthen his body and improve his health. In 1914 he moved to England. World War I broke out and as an alien resident he was forced to intern at the Isle of Man. It was here that he became a physical aide, rehabbing bedridden soldiers by attaching springs to their hospital beds to exercise their weakened muscles. In 1925, Joseph Pilates came to America as a trainer of German boxing champion Max Schmeling. On the voyage to America, he met his future wife Clara. Pilates landed in New York City and opened his first studio on Eighth Avenue. He called his work Contrology, based on the notion that the mind controls the body. Pilates’ early clients consisted of boxers, wrestlers, & Wall Street brokers. His unique fitness ideology attracted famous choreographers George Balanchine & Martha Graham. They loved his work and introduced him to their  dance world. The New York City Ballet sent dancers to Joseph for both rehabilitation and body conditioning. Since then many athletes, performers and health enthusiasts practice Pilates in pursuit of their health and wellness. Joseph Pilates firmly believed that you’re only as old as your spine – therefore he felt that the secret to youth was a supple, flexible spine supported by a strong core. Commonly talked about principals of Pilates include: core engagement, pelvic alignment, coordination, a smooth flow of movement, control, effortless effort in the workout, flexibility and cultivation of  the mind-body connection.

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