Notes During Covid

Reminders during Covid:

1.Wear a mask the moment you step out of your door. Wash your mask at least 3x a week unless it is disposable.

2.Wash your hands.  Hand sanitizers do not work nearly as well.  Hand sanitizers destroy good bacteria along with the bad. Use warm soapy water, work up a lather so the soap bubbles can encapsulate the bad bacteria. According to recent studies at Emory University, cold water with a soapy lather will work, though not nearly as well as warm water, to encapsulate and kill bad bacteria.

3.Eat an anti-inflammatory diet. A nutrient -dense rainbow colored diet. Give up gluten entirely, as every single person on the planet today has their guts ripped open by gluten (Harvard studies). There are no exceptions. Every human is carrying a toxic burden that makes this happen when they eat gluten.  Leaky gut + inflammation = DISEASE

Also consider giving up all dairy and flour, foods which factor in as the highest inflammatory foods. If you need testing for gluten or dairy, contact me. The tests I offer through the MDs I work with are the most accurate in the world. (Only 1 in 8 clients will feel the effects of gluten when they eat it.  They are the lucky ones. Most bodies are too toxic or too burdened to feel the effects of gluten on the brain and the gut… until years later overt symptoms develop from reactions that have been going on for years.  So if you tell me you feel fine when you eat gluten, this is meaningless.  Test, do the Wheat Zoomer with me, don’t guess.)

4.Optimize your Vitamin D intake. Do a blood draw or order a good fingerpick test online (I can direct you to one). Keep your levels between 45-85 ngs/ml (USA measure). If you measure a little higher, don’t worry. A lifeguard sitting in a stand by the pool for the summer may easily have levels as high as 125+

5.Besides a rainbow of vegetables and a few colored fruits, include lots of polyphenols in your diet! Such as: cloves, capers, plums, raspberries, 75% or higher dark chocolate, flaxseed meal, hazelnuts, black olives, chestnuts, elderberry, and so many others (email me to resend you the polyphenols chart I sent previously if you missed it).

6.During Covid grocery prices in the USA have had the largest monthly increase since 1974. Instead of building anxiety over something you cannot control, shop carefully with a food list and focus on appreciating the wonderful food that is available to you. ALL of us have enough food to eat!

7.Choose ways to destress that are not drinking alcohol or baking flour products in the kitchen. As stress levels increase among my clients, a portion of them are either increasing alcohol intake or baking up a flour storm in the kitchen. Terrible negative feedback cycles for your body result from increasing consumption of flour products or boozing. Flour is no different than sugar, and flour and alcohol both increase inflammation and lower immunity.

8.Gaining weight during the quarantine? That’s just the body’s way of showing you to change your routine. Find a new normal. Step out the door for a walk. Grow some herbs. Watch movies, dance to music, journal, meditate, pray, FaceTime, sleep, hydrate…choose positive ways to calm stress. 

9.Exercise is not great for weight loss.  But it is great for weight maintenance and it has great cardiac and other systemic value for your body.  Not to mention it boosts endorphins= lifts your mood. Pick anything that you can and will do. I am walking 4 miles three times a week and doing Pilates 2x a week plus regular slow deep stretching. Throw in some foam roller, too. You can order a foam roller online.

10.Feeling inordinate stress all day long usually means you are focusing on yourself. The easiest way to get out of stress is to stop thinking about yourself. Focus on making someone else happy instead. I give myself 50 minutes every morning to focus on all the stress in my life. Then I put it into a mental golden shelf and lock it away with light and love, knowing that it is safely stored and acknowledged, that I have taken my full detailed inventory, and left it there until the next morning.  And some mornings when I open up my stress cupboard again, some things have shifted , sometimes things have even disappeared.  What is still there, well ,then I can meditate, make lists, pray , journal, pay a bill, do anything with that stressful stuff that I am guided to do.  But under no circumstances do I let the stuff on that shelf spill out all day long. I don’t deserve that. And neither do you.

11. Some teachers (Deepak Chopra, Mark Hyman, and others) suggest we focus on the four A’s: attention, affection, appreciation, and acceptance. And that we do not try to fix things or other people these days.  Only ourselves. Heal yourself and love others and you will repair the world.

12.Rates: my rates remain the same.  $200 per hour; $100 per 1/2 hour whether by email or by phone. I am booking about 3 weeks ahead right now.   There is a small additional fee from PayPal for payments if using that venue. If you are doing hair testing, the rate has increased $2, from $475 to $477, inclusive of all testing, evaluation, and your program. And the Vibrant microchip blood testing cost depends on which tests you are doing. All of you should do the Wheat Zoomer. Mayo Clinic has described the Wheat Zoomer as the most amazing and accurate new test on the market! There are many new Zoomers (wheat, egg, soy, lectin, nut, dairy, mammalian milks, grain, peanut, corn, seafood) and the comprehensive Food Sensitivity & Additives test is amazing!  I will go toe to toe with any other testing in the world, there is no allergy or food sensitivity testing that is more accurate than the Vibrant microchip testing! And we can do stool testing as well, if you’d like to find out all about your gut bacteria and if you are carrying any pathogens or parasites. I can send a phlebotomist to your home anywhere in the USA.

Stay well, stay in love, keep faith,



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