Your Facial Meridians: Traditional Chinese Medicine

In TCM, certain areas of your face connect with the organs listed below. So always pay attention to the specific organ(s) if you are experiencing facial symptoms in a corresponding area. For example, in many of my new clients who had Covid and who took drugs for Covid, I am seeing a lot of lower cheek dermatitis, rosacea, acne, and rashes because the lower cheeks correspond to the lungs and to the liver. Often our skin symptoms are related to detox. The skin is the largest detox organ in the body. 

Be patient.  Follow your Nutritional Balancing program.  Gentle near infrared light for 3-7 minutes (at a distance of 12-18 inches),  coffee enemas, reflexology, skin brushing (not on the face), castor oil packs, hydration, and letting the facial skin breathe as much as possible are all helpful supports. Skin reactions will happen with heavy metal release, too, especially toxic mercury, nickel and copper.  Gluten exposure is another cause for skin symptoms. (My NB clients who have psoriasis and who completely quit gluten reduce or eliminate their psoriasis altogether within a year.) Sometimes imbalanced gut bacteria & disregulated blood sugar can contribute to skin disruption.  Remember, when it comes to your skin symptoms, it is always an inside origin, something going on inside the body.

Detox and true healing are slow.  

Since the skin is the largest detox organ in the body, a lot of toxic metals, mycotoxins, bacteria, virus, mold, and even parasite die -off residue will show up on the skin as the body eliminates them.  Don’t try to stop it. Avoid topical steroid creams as much as possible, as they will push your symptoms back under the skin and halt the healing response.  Steroid creams never heal, they suppress and give temporary symptom relief only to have the symptoms come back harder and stronger when you stop suppressing the skin.  Instead,  support your detoxification pathways! 

Your face:

  • Forehead:                 bladder and intestines
  • Temples and ears:   kidneys
  • Between eyebrows: liver and stomach
  • Nose:                        heart
  • Under-eye area:      kidneys
  • Upper cheeks:         stomach
  • Lower cheeks:         lungs and liver
  • Nasolabial folds:     large intestine
  • Upper lip:                 hormones, heart, and spleen
  • Chin:                         bladder, hormones, kidney, and stomach
  • Jawline:                    stomach

Alway consult your physician if you feel you are having symptoms that are life-threatening. If you must wear makeup, be sure it it gluten-free and 100S% organic. 

No matter how it looks, love the skin you are in. Know that eventually most of your skin symptoms will fade if you follow your healing NB program and lifestyle modalities.

If you’d like to learn more about Nutritional Balancing, please contact me:


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